Property Asset Management
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How We Can Help

We know the challenges you and the sector face, and Holmes can help

Strategic Stock Profiling

Holmes’ proprietary financial forecasting model enables Executives & Boards to assess the long term performance of entire portfolios over a 30 year period allowing you to make the right choices about Capital and Revenue investment.

Do More With Less

Holmes can quickly identify poorly performing assets and our Cloud based technology ensures everyone has the tools to hand to review and identify assets requiring option appraisal.

Informed Decision Making

Holmes’ flexible modelling keeps you informed on the possible future impact of changing sector policies, strategies and decisions, allowing you to provide iron clad assurances on long term investment requirements to lenders and the HCA.

Reduced IT Overhead

Holmes is in the Cloud, and a simple integration protocol means that you can focus on your assets in real-time, not on implementing complex IT Projects or managing clunky databases and spreadsheets.

Active Asset Management

Holmes allows your asset teams to drill into your property portfolio data in real- time to obtain in-depth performance insights, allowing you to scrutinise value for money and business plan contribution on a per asset basis.

Available Anywhere

Holmes is available on your PC, tablet or smart phone and can be accessed securely in the Cloud. Whether you're in the office or boardroom, Holmes is on hand giving you vital insight on your assets.

How Holmes Works

Some of our innovative features

Your Dashboard

Your Data All In One Place

View all your critical data at a glance from our fully featured online dashboard. With intuitive global filtration, stackable data sets and quick links to your most important reports and performance overviews, Holmes is feature rich and boardroom ready.

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Options Appraisal

Review Your Options In Real-Time

Review the performance of individual properties & blocks. Model different strategies and quickly see which will provide the best Social, Operational and Financial outcomes for your business.

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Available Anywhere

On Tablet And Smart-phone Too

Take your data with you and access it anywhere with our Cloud-based software. Powerful, fast and secure access to your data on any device, in any location.

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The Team

Meet the passionate team who see Property Asset Management from a different perspective

Geoff Bedford

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tom Sewell

Director of New Business & Marketing

Linda Power

Director of Product

Alan Dulson MRICS


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